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Infranergy's VPP software boasts innovative qualities that benefit business owners and their utilities significantly.


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Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are decentralized energy networks comprising systems like solar panels and battery storage. They collectively generate clean energy equivalent to traditional power plants, enhancing grid reliability and lowering costs. VPPs signify a shift from centralized to distributed energy, offering sustainability and resilience. With Infranergy, you can contribute to this future grid.

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What sets Infranergy's VPP Solutions apart?

Optimal energy mix management energy delivery

Serving as the brain of the system, Infranergy's VPP software intelligently manages solar panel output, battery charging, and other DERs, constantly adapting to real-time demand and supply data.


It provides utilities with valuable insights into grid performance.

Precise Prediction

It enables predictions of net load demand and optimal dispatch strategies.


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Earn up to $95,000 a year, depending on battery size and energy consumption.

Allow us to offer you custom VPP software designed to align precisely with your business requirements, incorporating features for battery storage, power control, and cost-saving strategies.


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