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Infranergy's VPP software boasts innovative qualities that benefit business owners and their utilities significantly.


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Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are decentralized energy networks comprising systems like solar panels and battery storage. They collectively generate clean energy equivalent to traditional power plants, enhancing grid reliability and lowering costs. VPPs signify a shift from centralized to distributed energy, offering sustainability and resilience. With Infranergy, you can contribute to this future grid.

Who Qualifies?

Solar/Storage Solution Providers

Providers enhancing client value with solar/storage can unlock additional value streams through partnership with Infranergy.

Commercial Power Users

Commercial power users, whether small-scale businesses or industrial entities, who currently utilize solar panels and/or battery storage systems, or those considering the installation of these resources.


What sets Infranergy's VPP Solutions apart?

Optimal energy mix management energy delivery

Serving as the brain of the system, Infranergy's VPP software intelligently manages solar panel output, battery charging, and other DERs, constantly adapting to real-time demand and supply data. Additionally, it unlocks revenue opportunities, with potential earnings ranging from 15% to 40% of monthly costs covered through market participation via virtual power plants.


It provides utilities with valuable insights into grid performance.

Precise Prediction

It enables predictions of net load demand and optimal dispatch strategies.


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Maximize Savings & Incentives with $0 Down Options

Energy incentive programs vary across states, localities, and utility providers, not to mention the federal solar tax credit. At Infranergy, we navigate these incentives to secure rebates, ensuring you benefit from reduced initial and ongoing costs.

Remember, rebates and incentives decrease over time and favor early adopters. Don’t miss your chance to save. Act Now! Contact an Infranergy representative to learn about your eligibility for rebates and explore our Infranergy $0 down financing options.

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Partner with us to seamlessly manage your energy on autopilot, unlocking up to $95,000 or more in annual earnings, depending on your battery size and energy consumption. Our tailored VPP software automates your power control, integrates cost-saving strategies, and enhances battery storage management.


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